We are a full–service creative studio based in Antwerp, Belgium championing identity design. From defining your tone of voice to creating physical and digital platforms to tell your story, we are with you every step of the way.

We believe in a multidisciplinary approach. In each case we explore all avenues and question every outcome in order to shape outstanding work that fully resonates with your needs. Even if it’s unasked for, seemingly pointless or unjustified.

That’s why we are not so uncalled—for.

Who we are

So Uncalled—For is founded by Astrid Nieuwborg and Donald van Ruiten. Both schooled primarily as architects, their interests and skills go far beyond.
Donald finds order where there’s chaos. His knowledge of grid systems, typography and code provide every project with a solid foundation.
Astrid, on the other hand, continually questions order and likes to explore outside of the comfort zone. Through her love for colour, composition and downright abundance she makes sure that each assignment is unique.
With their complementary skillset, Donald and Astrid continually challenge both client and each other to create work of the highest quality.

We work(ed) for

Our services


So Uncalled For